Debra Denison: Grandma Who Killed Two Grandsons Before Killing Self Left Hateful Suicide Note To Parents

Debra Denison, a grandmother from Connecticut who killed her two grandsons before committing suicide last year made news this week for the hateful suicide note she left her daughter, the mom of the slain children, according to a report by WFSB.

In a report last year by the Inquisitr, the grisly murder-suicide occurred when Denison picked her grandsons, Ashton and Alton Perry, from the daycare and supposedly told the daycare staff that she will bring the children to the latter’s 2nd birthday party. Instead, Denison detoured from the way to the party and brought the children to the lake side, where their lives were taken by their own grandmother using a revolver.

Ashton was 2 and Alton was 6-months-old when they were killed.


After killing her own grandsons, Debra, 47, turned the gun to herself and took her own life.

It was revealed shortly after the events that Debra had been suffering from severe mental conditions for most of her life. According to Marcia White, the children’s great-grandmother, Denison has had a history of mental conditions and has struggled with severe depression.

Debra also reportedly suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder and tried to commit suicide six times over the past 20 years.

According to a recently released report by the New York Daily News, police authorities confirmed the existence of a suicide note Debra allegedly left for her daughter.

Sources described it as “vengeful”. In the note, Denison reportedly wrote to her child, Brenda Perry, that she “doesn’t deserve children”.

Denison added that she wanted Brenda, and her husband Jeremy, to feel the loss of a child.

Perry, 27, told the press that her mother once tried to tell her husband lies in an attempt to destroy their relationship. Perry’s relationship with Debra worsened after she married Jeremy and had children.

Denison and Perry tried to make amends shortly before the killings occurred, with plans of going to counseling together even seriously considered by both parties.

Perry confirmed that Denison was given authorization to take her children from the daycare. However, she told press that someone was supposed to accompany Denison at the daycare.

Denison’s son and Perry’s half-brother, Christopher Allen, is currently serving 32 years in prison for drug-related murder. When interviewed during the early investigations of the Debra Denison murder-suicide, he told the press that he sent a letter to her mother a letter which expressed how he “truly felt” about her. The nature of the letter was not revealed by the police.

[Images from WFSB]