Utah Plane In Iran Raises Conspiracy Theories Related To Bank

A Utah plane in Iran has some raising conspiracy theories in regards to why a jet owned by the Bank of Utah would be parked at the Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, the capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, Iranian clerics claim Albert Einstein was a secret Muslim even though he was a Jewish scientist. Another conspiracy theory claims the missing flight MH370 might be linked to a mystery man from Iran.

Government watchdogs were the ones who spotted the Utah plane in Iran, raising concerns over international intrigue since the jet really does not belong there. Largely due to Iran’s nuclear weapons programs, the United States has levied heavy punitive economic sanctions Iran, which is similar to what President Obama is proposing for Russia due to the Ukraine crisis. But in this case these sanctions are far more severe and heavily limit almost all types of economic activity, and many European nations have followed suit.

The Bank Of Utah is actually relatively small in comparison to name brands like Chase. Its 13 branches are all located within the state as the name might imply. But photos of the Utah plane in Iran clearly show an American flag on the back and its tail number is N604EP.

Although government officials have not stated why the Bank of Utah’s plane would be in Iran, Brett King, a Bank of Utah executive in Salt Lake City, says they don’t have any idea, either:

“We have no idea why that plane was at that airport. As fiduciary, we must keep information confidential when it comes to the beneficiary.”

Although King promises the Bank of Utah will investigate “if there is any hint of illegal activity,” the second half of his statement would lend itself to conspiracy theories aplenty. All we know for certain is that the Mehrabad Airport says the jet is owned by a “V.I.P.” and the Bank of Utah is listed as a trustee for 1,169 aircraft, ranging from Boeing 747s to single-engine Cessnas.

But the New York Times has already looked into the conspiracy theories angle and several former federal officials in the United States claim the Utah plane in Iran must have been approved to be there. This particular plane has also been spotted in the past at an airport in Zurch, Switzerland during the World Economic Forum. They also doubt it is part of some sort of secret covert diplomatic mission since the American flag is easily spotted in broad daylight. What do you think the jet is doing there?