Former Marvel Studios Boss Joins Up with ‘Angry Birds’ Developer Rovio

The man behind Marvel’s hit movies, David Maisel, has now signed on with Angry Birds developer Rovio in a “special advisor” role. Yeah, I can’t say that I saw that one coming.

Apparently, Maisel’s role will be to flesh out the company’s “entertainment strategy” and “transition Rovio to new areas in the entertainment business,” which apparently includes an executive producer role in any and all Angry Birds feature films.

“I’m very honored and excited to join Rovio, and my goal is to help unleash its great potential,” said David Maisel. “Rovio has already had amazing success and established a great brand with Angry Birds. The business model, intellectual properties, and the franchise potential of Angry Birds give Rovio the most exciting prospects I have seen in the entertainment business since Marvel in 2003.”

So, there you have it. The man behind Iron Man and Thor is now working at Rovio as a “special advisor” and will have something to do with an Angry Birds movie, provided one happens at all.

I can’t be the only one who thinks this is weird, right?

Source: Press release (via Joystiq)