‘Flappy Bird’ Fashion And Accessories Are Coming This Fall

Flappy Bird is no longer officially available for download, but that doesn’t mean the property is completely dead.

Creator Nguyen Ha Dong, a man who believes that people were becoming way too addicted to his wildly popular game, apparently isn’t too concerned about your ceaseless obsession with the title. According to Licensing.biz, Dong is teaming up with the folks at Fashion UK for some Flappy Bird-oriented products.

Unlike the game itself, these items aren’t free to download. In other words, Dong plans to cash in on everyone’s fascination with the game he ultimately deleted out of concern for everyone’s well-being. At the end of the day, the guy is still a businessman.

What kind of Flappy Bird-inspired items will fans of the game have at their disposal later this year? Mobile Entertainment reports that folks will have more than enough to keep their ongoing addictions and obsessions in check. Daywear, nightwear, underwear, socks, and headwear are reportedly in the works at Fashion UK.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any price points to speak of at the moment. These things could end up costing you an arm and a leg, especially if you don’t live in England or Turkey. As of this writing, those are the only territories that will carry the items in stores. Everyone else will need to order them from online retailers.

Although Dong decided to delete Flappy Bird after you and your entire family couldn’t stop playing it, there are a plethora of copycats and knock-offs available to download for iOS and Android right now. In fact, you may have a hard time choosing which rip-off you want to add to your collection of highly-addictive games.

Since opportunistic developers understand there is demand for Flappy Bird-style games, many have attempted to cash in on the craze. The folks at GameSided recently reported that a PC version of the game appeared on retail shelves in Germany. Not surprisingly, this title has absolutely nothing to do with the guy who originally created it.

If you want a copy of Flappy Bird HD, then you’d better act fast. There’s no telling how long this unauthorized copycat will last before Dong’s legal team swoops in and shuts it down.

Are you planning to pick up any of the Fashion UK-crafted apparel and accessories inspired by Flappy Bird?