Ed Sheeran Recognizes Fans' Patience With $2 Bills

Ed Sheeran definitely appreciates good fans when he sees them.

Some musicians don't truly care the people who put money in their respective bank accounts. Although some enthusiasts are understandably hard to handle, others are just there to tell the object of their affection how much they enjoy the artist's creative output. Sheeran apparently isn't one to turn his back on those folks who truly enjoy his music.

According to Contact Music, the "I See Fire" singer showed his appreciation to some very patient fans with a most unusual gift: $2 bills. The Ed Sheeran fanatics waited until the wee hours of the morning to catch the singer after his appearance on Saturday Night Live in New York City.

"Ed thought they were cool because they're quite rare. It's not exactly part of the normal circulation in America. He wanted to give the handful of bills to the fans who waited for him, as a thank you gesture," an anonymous source dished.

The insider added, "Ed told them to keep the notes safe because they might be worth something one day! He was really sweet. Ed's not exactly Zac Efron but he's incredibly popular with the ladies. When he left the party he even had a lipstick kiss mark on his cheek."

Sheeran is no doubt hoping the people will put this money to good use. After all, the guy has a brand new record looming on the horizon. In fact, Ed recently unveiled the tune "Sing," a song that was produced by prolific producer Pharrell Williams. The track is definitely a departure from the songs found on his acclaimed debut.

The Mirror reports that the singer-songwriter almost didn't record "Sing" for his new album. When Williams originally started kicking the idea around, Ed wasn't entirely sold on the idea.

"Pharrell really pushes you and wants you to do the best thing possible. So you don't go for the first thing he plays... Pharrell must have been on about his 17 idea when he played me this beat," he explained.

Sheeran continued, "I don't really get jazz chords and this felt like one of them. Instinctively, I dismissed it, but I had a guitar in my hand and started playing that riff absent-mindedly. From that moment, I was playing that song and... we just pieced it all together."

Ed Sheeran is all set to release his sophomore album X on June 23.