Kristen Bell Gets ‘Naked And Afraid’ On Ellen DeGeneres Show

Kristen Bell is enjoying a season of success thanks to Disney’s Frozen and the Veronica Mars movie. True she may not be as popular as her co-star, Adele Dazeem Idina Menzel, but it is more than enough. Now, Kristen Bell has showed her fans even more by getting “Naked and Afraid” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

According to Daily Mail, Kristen Bell was one of the guests on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. During their dialogue, she and Ellen discussed the show Naked and Afraid that airs on Discovery Channel. Ellen first described what Naked and Afraid is about, being two people – a guy and a girl – who are supposedly experts in wildlife survival, who are dumped in an environmental middle-of-nowhere. The catch: they have to strip down naked before they meet each other, then they must survive with their wits off the land, before reaching their destination.

Kristen Bell pitched in her opinions about how the show is entertaining because the contestants usually go crazy due to lack of food and water. However, Kristen stated her favorite part of the show is the beginning when a local drops off a contestant at their drop-off point. They usually express a face of shock when they see the contestant stripping down to nothing but their birthday suit before walking into the hazardous environment with nothing else.

The part that probably got the largest pop from the audience was when Kristen Bell participated in a Naked and Afraid-style survival game of sorts. What she had to do was build a fire and shelter in 60 seconds or less while being “naked”. The “naked” part was more of a tease but Kristen Bell really wore a skin-colored, skin-tight body suit to emulate the nakedness.

Once Kristen Bell got into position, the clock started and she had to do her survival tasks in one minute or less. Ellen DeGeneres emulated the harsh living conditions the wild environment would have by blasting Kristen Bell with high-powered industrial fans, shooting her with toy water guns, throwing stuffed animals, and other “disasters”. At one point, a group of Styrofoam spheres fell from above which this writer will guess is supposed to represent hailstones.

There was even some serious talk besides Kristen Bell’s “Naked and Afraid” bit. According to Toofab, Kristen opened up about her fight to end the circulation of paparazzi photos of celebrity children by stating:

“We started what were calling the ‘No Kids Policy’ and we just wanted to kinda start a public conversation about the fact that children under no circumstance should be followed by strangers. With or without a camera it just should never be okay.”

Check out The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Friday, for Kristen Bell’s full appearance!

[Image via Screen Cap]