Liam Payne Believes ‘You And I’ Is Among One Direction’s Best Songs

Liam Payne has some very strong feelings about One Direction’s new single.

For those who were busy with other things this week, the group is preparing to unleash the latest track from last year’s Midnight Memories. Of course, chances are most 1D fanatics have already heard the song; the album was officially declared the best-selling record of 2013. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pogo wildly around the house when the video arrives later today (April 18).

To get everyone as excited as humanly possible about the single, Liam Payne took a moment to discuss “You and I” in a recent promo clip uploaded to Instagram. Payne boldly proclaimed that the tune was one of the group’s best endeavor. Then again, when was the last time you heard someone describe their music as simply ho-hum and middle of the road?

“Personally I think this is one of our best songs. It’s such a big track and it’s kind of a bit more grown up for us,” Liam said in the clip.

If you’re one of the folks who decided to pre-order the new single ahead of its release, then you’ll receive an exclusive remix concocted by Liam Payne. Someone recently posted a teaser of the retooled version of “You and I” on YouTube. Take a moment to investigate the clip to get a taste of Payne’s remixed version.

Liam Payne isn’t the only member of One Direction who wants to share his thoughts and feelings about the song. The Inquisitr previously reported that a different promo clip found Zayn Malik describing the song as something to put on when you’re attempting to woo the opposite sex. Since he landed Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, the guy clearly knows a thing or two about love.

“It’s a romantic song for all those candlelit dinners,” Malik said. Any way you slice it up, “You and I” is a catchy tune.

One Direction fans who are feeling a little creative can follow in Liam “Big Payno” Payne’s footsteps and remix the tune themselves. Once they’ve taken a trip to the group’s official Soundcloud page, musically-inclined individuals can begin downloading the bits and pieces necessarily to craft their own remix of the song. The best efforts will find their way onto a playlist cobbled together by the band.

Do you agree with Liam Payne that “You and I” is among One Direction’s best songs? Are you planning to watch the music video over and over again when it finally arrives online?

[Image via Zanda]