Zayn Malik Heads To The Studio With Naughty Boy, Krept

Zayn Malik is definitely ready to reveal the hip hop artist residing in his soul.

Shortly after pictures surfaced of Zayn Malik and producer Naughty Boy hanging out together at a recent event, another image of the duo appeared on Twitter. If the One Direction singer is reportedly interested in learning the ways of rap music, then he’s certainly spending some time with the right people.

According to the folks at Sugarscape, Malik was recently seen in the recording studio with Naughty Boy and rapper Krept. In other words, there’s a very strong possibility that One Direction’s new album could have a strong hip hop influence. Some people believe that Zayn could flex his muscles in the rap department on the new record.

Check out the latest pic of Zayn Malik in the studio below.

If you missed the first photo of Malik and Naughty Boy together, then we need to fix that problem ASAP. Check out the previous photo below.

The producer wasn’t the only person keen on sharing a photo of Zayn Malik on Twitter. Now Magazine reports that Krept also decided to pose for a snapshot with the singer, though he quickly learned that One Direction fans are a bit of an obsessive lot. Anyone who decides to work with the band is immediately going in their cool book, which means they’re probably going to get mentioned a lot on the micro-blogging site.

Here’s the photo that garnered all of the attention from Zayn Malik enthusiasts.

Check out the rapper’s reaction to all of the attention he’s received as a result of the photo. He probably shouldn’t complain too much since some of the folks could end up spending money on his music. Just a thought.

While Krept is unnecessarily worried about all the One Direction fans he’ll encounter on Twitter, Zayn Malik fans are curious to see how the music crafted during these sessions will sound. Do you think the singer will flex his rap muscles on the group’s upcoming album?

[Image via Bing]