Chocolate Bar Wielding Man Attempts To Hijack Plane, Says He Was Joking

A passenger aboard a flight bound for Hong Kong attempted to hijack the plane and demanded the crew take the flight to a venue of his choice. According to Reuters, the incident happened on February 14, 2014 aboard a Cathay Pacific flight that had taken off from Amsterdam. The man, who was armed with just a Toblerone chocolate bar, wanted the crew to fly the place to Sochi where he wanted to watch the Winter Olympics underway at the time.

The person behind the hijack attempt has been identified as Antti Oskari Manselius, 23, from Finland. According to reports, before his hijack attempt, Manselius also made a fake bomb threat aboard the plane while also saying that he was robbing the plane. Oskari was taken into custody by Hong Kong police officials upon landing and is now facing trial in the country. He was charged with “disorderly conduct and giving false information about a bomb” and has pleaded not guilty. The 23-year-old also added that his hijack attempt was just “fun and jokes” and that he was just trying to entertain his fellow passengers.

Two Cathay Pacific flight attendants who were on board the flight on the day of the “hijack” have testified against Manselius and told the court that they saw him walk towards the cockpit of the plane with two economy-class blankets – one wrapped around his head and the other worn like a cape. The Toblerone bar was held “like a sword” in his hand. “I am robbing the plane now. I want to see the Olympics in Sochi and I need to get off the plane now,” he said in a threatening tone. While his tone was stern, he wasn’t violent at all and only waved the chocolate bar in the midst of this hijack attempt. One of the flight attendants politely told him that since this was a direct service to Hong Kong, they would not be able to make a stop in Russia.

This unusual hijack attempt came to an end after a passenger, a former policeman and an aircrew safety trainer managed to overpower Oskari with the help of a cabin crew manager. They cuffed his legs and fastened his chest with a spare seat belt. The overpowered hijacker soon fell asleep as the flight continued its journey.

Following the arrival of the plane in Hong Kong, Manselius was arrested and sent to a psychiatric center. The case of hijack seems to have been dropped in this case – but the hearing will continue today as well.

Was this the weirdest hijack attempt that you have ever heard of?

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