Bundy Ranch Supporters Blast Glenn Beck For Opposing Violence In Standoff

The Bundy Ranch standoff has become a rallying point for conservative media, with outlets such as National Review Online, American Thinker and Fox News all editorializing in support of rancher Cliven Bundy in his confrontation with the federal Bureau of Land Management — a confrontation that seemed on the brink of violence over the weekend as heavily armed supporters of the Bundy Ranch cause arrived on the scene.

The government, which had impounded a herd of Bundy’s cattle, backed down, saying the situation had become a safety risk on both sides.

While most conservative media outlets were unfazed by the threats of violence and armed insurrection, one popular conservative voice, while fully backing the Bundy Ranch supporters’ position, drew the line when it came to the threat of violence.

That voice belonged to Glenn Beck — and he found himself excommunicated from the conservative movement, at least by some Bundy Ranch supporters, as a result.

“I will tell you I believe in the Second Amendment, and I will defend myself. I believe in the rights that we have,” said Beck on his radio show Tuesday. “But I will tell you more than I believe in my rights, I believe in the responsibilities that we have to God. And God does not call anyone to anger. God does not call anyone to vengeance ever, ever, ever.”

But his Tuesday statements came in response to the earlier attacks on him by Bundy Ranch supporters after Beck on Monday called “10 to 15 percent” of the Bundy Ranch backers “truly frightening,” likening them to “our side’s Occupy Wall Street.”

“Inciting violence doesn’t solve anything,” Beck said on Monday. “I vehemently denounce anyone who even hints at such tactics.”

The element of Bundy Ranch supporters who Beck had identified as “the people that are full of anger and rage” responded immediately, branding Glenn Beck a “traitor” who sided with “tyrants.”

“When the possibility of bloody conflict exists does Beck simply roll over and side with the oppressor, the tyrannical State?” wrote one on Beck’s Facebook page.

“Glenn, you are no longer a friend of the Patriots fighting for FREEDOM,” wrote another. “Go away and sell some books and your false ‘Bravado’ to other traitors.”

The response on Twitter was, if anything, more vehement.

Beck, however, maintained his position against the threat of violence by Bundy Ranch supporters, encouraging those who disagreed with him to unfriend him on Facebook and expressing surprise that any of his regular listeners interpreted his conservative message as one of violence.

“I have talked about Gandhi, Martin Luther King and prayer and peace since I was at CNN,” Beck said, addressing Bundy Ranch supporters via his radio show Tuesday. That is who I am at the core. And if you think I am something else, then I don’t know how you missed it.”

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