Kansas City Highway Shooting Suspect ‘Like A Ghost,’ Neighbor Says

A suspect in the Kansas City Highway shootings that have injured three people and terrorized motorists in the Missouri city for the past month, was taken into custody by Kansas City police Thursday afternoon. They are now trying to figure out how many, if any, of the 20 highway shooting incidents the man may be connected to.

No one has been killed in the Kansas City highway shooting spree, but three people were shot, fortunately without suffering critical injuries. Investigators say they have been able to connect 12 of the 20 reported shooting incidents.

Police did not release any information about the suspect, who lived on the 6000 block of East 136th Street in Kansas City not far from Interstate 49 and Three Trails Crossing, site of seven of the shootings that are believed to have started on March 8.

The man’s neighbors did not seem to know much more about him.

The said that he seemed to keep strange hours and did not interact with neighbors. He was known to arrive at his home in his dark green Dodge Neon — which has Illinois plates — late at night and just sit in his car with the lights out.

“The dude was like a ghost,” neighbor Kevin Cooksey said. “In and out. I’m just glad they got him.”

But Kansas City police have not yet charged the man and are not saying if they believe he is responsible for all of the shootings, some of them, or none. They said that the Kasas City highway shooting investigation is ongoing, leaving open the possibility of more arrests.

They have announced a press conference for Friday, with further details expected to be revealed at that time.

About 30 officers, including some clad in combat gear, took the unidentified man out of the house where his car was parked at about 5:40 pm. Police were seen by a TV cameraman bringing the man in through a garage at Kansas City Police Headquarters around 7pm local time.

Whoever is behind the shootings had stayed quiet for at least 10 days. Another possible highway shooting was reported Wednesday, but Kansas City police are not sure that it is connected to the other shootings, or if the reported incident was a shooting at all. No bullet or bullet holes were found in the allegedly targeted vehicle.

Police have not yet announced a time for the Friday news conference in the Kansas City highway shooting case.

Image via KMBC TV