Joe Biden Prefers The World Cup To The Super Bowl

Joe Biden has revealed that not only will he be traveling to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this summer, but that he actually prefers it to the Super Bowl.

The American Vice President made the remarks, which probably won’t go down too well in his home country, as he visited the opening United States location of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour.

The trophy has been traveling the globe since September 2013, and it finally reached the USA on April 14, where it will stay until April 20 before it finally arrives in Brazil on April 21.

Biden spoke for eight minutes at the event, but his most interesting comments saw him declare, “We have our Super Bowl, we have our World Series, we have the NBA Finals, we have March Madness, but my Lord, it is nothing quite like the World Cup.”

Biden also revealed that he believes the World Cup is “the most unusual sporting event” that he has ever attended.

He continued, “It’s a feel, and you can feel it even before you get to the stadium, you can feel it even before you land. It’s in the air, it’s a palpable sense of energy that I’ve never quite experienced before.”

Biden noted that it’s huge appeal comes from the fact that the entire world, especially those involved in the competition, absolutely adore the event: “It’s the most consequential sporting event in the world. It’s amazing how deeply, deeply, deeply passionate every country is about the World Cup.”

He also claimed that in the very near future, the United States of America’s team could enter as one of the tournament’s favorites.

“When it comes to soccer, America is coming on,” Biden enthused.“It’s not historically been our game… but 25 million people in the United States play soccer, 80 percent of them are young people who will be players and fans for years to come. The world should know, we’re coming ready to play.”

Biden is set to attend the tournament this summer, where he will hopefully try to watch Jurgen Klinsmann’s side in action. The United States are in an incredibly tough group though, as they will have to beat the likes of Germany, Portugal, and Ghana in order to progress to the knock-out rounds.

Germany are widely regarded as one of the favorites for the trophy, while Portugal possess the best soccer player in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Ghana knocked USA out of the 2010 World Cup, which was held in South Africa.

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