Nikko Jenkins: Parolee Guilty Of Killing Four, Said Demons Made Him Do It

Nikko Jenkins has been found guilty of killing four people after a trial in which he spoke in tongues and laughed as prosecutors recounted details of the slayings.

The Omaha man had originally pleaded guilty to the four seemingly random murders, but withdrew his plea after disagreeing with prosecutors’ account of the killings. He then pleaded no contest, and a judge found him guilty this week.

Jenkins’ murder spree took place after he was released from prison, where guards noted that he was incredibly violent and had homicidal tendencies.

In the trial that ended this week, he was found guilty of the August killings of Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena, who had been lured to a park on the pretense of having sex with two of Jenkins’ female relatives. Both men were shot in the head.

Nikko Jenkins was also found guilty of killing a man described as his “little homie,” Curtis Bradford. Jenkins lured him with the promise of a robbery, and then had his sister shoot the man. Jenkins then told her she didn’t do it right and executed Jenkins himself.

The fourth murder victim was Andrea Kruger, a mother of three who was driving home from her job to tend to her sick child. Nikko Jenkins was with three relatives looking for an SUV to steal so they could rob people at a Lil Wayne concert, and pulled in front of her car.

Jenkins pulled the woman out of the driver’s side and then shot her in the head, neck, and back.

But Nikko Jenkins argued with the assertion that she was killed during a robbery, arguing during the trial that he had pulled off several car jackings without hurting anyone. He said he would never kill unless his demon god, Ahpophis, commanded him to.

“Kill them, destroy them, attack them,” he said during the trial. “I was alone. And weapons. And the demons and Ahpophis and Lucifer.

“They were attempting to kill me. So I killed them under orders of Ahpophis.”

Nikko Jenkins will now move on to a death penalty hearing, which is likely to take place this summer.