Mitchell Casado: CNN Expert Fired By Flight Simulator Company For Refusing To Dress Up On Air

Mitchell Casado is out of a job this week, and the flight simulator expert can blame his jeans and flannel shirts.

Casado gained fame in the past few weeks through a series of appearances on CNN during coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The cable news network called on Casado often, showing him reporting from a fake cockpit located at his company’s office near the Toronto airport.

He also raised eyebrows with his unusual attire, which included jeans and plaid shirts.

The attire also drew criticism. Mitchell Casado’s employer, uFly, said they received many email complaints about the way he dressed during his CNN appearances.

As a result, Casado is now out of a job.

“Even though I let him be on TV he shamed us Canadians and shamed my company with the way he was dressing like he was 15 years old,” said the company’s owner, Claudio Teixeira. “People were complaining that it wasn’t professional at all… If you go to any plane you don’t see them in shorts and sandals.”

But Casado’s employer claims there was more to the firing. Teixeira also claimed that Mitchell was coming to work late and failing to meet with customers who had booked time on the simulator.

“This is not the first time. He’s been warned before,” he told The Associated Press.

Teixeira said that Casado was given two week’s pay and added that he wished the man well, but said the firing was inevitable.

“I am the boss. I am the owner. I put in the money,” he said. “It has to be my rules. If you don’t agree with them you have to find another job.”

Mitchell Casado doesn’t seem to be taking the firing very well. In a tweet earlier, he wrote: “My boss had me training a new guy the last few days, and now that he can do my job, and CNN left, he fired me. That’s Ufly.”