June 29, 2017
Zayn Malik Wants A 'Low-Key' Wedding, Perrie Edwards Can't Make Up Her Mind

Zayn Malik and his fiancé Perrie Edwards are famously preparing to walk down the aisle and, theoretically, into the world of wedded bliss. Unfortunately, the pair can't seem to figure out what to do about the ceremony.

Much to the dismay of female One Direction fans around the globe, Malik has apparently found the love of his life. While some folks are no doubt hoping the relationship will crumble into the sea before the wedding ever takes place, all signs point to Zayn and Edwards skipping merrily into the sunset together.

According to an anonymous source who apparently has all sorts of inside info about Zayn Malik's impending nuptials, the singer and his fiancé can't seem to agree on how celebrate their union. While Malik apparently wants something small and private, Perrie keeps going back and forth between intimate and extravagant.

"Perrie keeps changing her mind -- one minute she wants a Disney themed wedding, then an intimate do in the UK. Her mom and friends are putting ideas in her head, showing her videos of huge weddings on YouTube. Zayn lets them get on with it but deep down he'd prefer something a bit more low-key," an anonymous source told Now magazine.

The insider added, "If it was up to Zayn, it'd be just the two of them with close family. But Perrie's imagining things on a massive scale; she wants a castle or to hire a private island."

According to Fashion and Style, Edwards previously said she wants a wedding that attendees would lovingly describe as a "circus." However, she also wouldn't mind a ceremony on a beach that incorporates Indian elements for Zayn Malik's family. In other words, they may not know what kind of event they're having until the zero hour.

"It's going to be a massive circus. I actually wanted to have quite a small wedding, but then all the girls in my family are desperate to come and would like to be bridesmaids too," the Little Mix singer told The Sun not too long ago.

She continued, "I realize my wedding is every journalist's dream. It's going to be like the movie '27 Dresses' where the bride has like a billion bridesmaids."

While he's worrying about the impending ceremony, Zayn Malik and the other One Direction singers are reportedly busy putting together a brand new album. Unfortunately, there's no word yet when fans will get their hands on the new batch of tunes. Chances are the record will drop long before Malik ties the knot.