Amazon Smartphone Appears In Leaked Photograph

The fact that Amazon is coming up with a new smartphone — and that they are extremely secretive about it — was reported by us here on The Inquisitr a few days ago. In the same report, we had also talked about a recent high security meeting that Amazon had with select few developers who were rumored to have been shown the new device from the company. Just a few days since then, folks from BGR have posted an image of a phone which is claimed to be one of the two smartphones that Amazon is said to be developing. The device is housed inside a metal casing to protect its actual design from going public. Nice tactic, Amazon!

While the phone is well protected inside the casing, there is ample evidence to the fact that it seems to possess an astounding five front facing cameras, giving credence to earlier rumors about the possibility of Amazon coming up with a unique, custom 3D interface. The Verge believes that four of those cameras would be used to pull off a glasses-less 3D effect using tracking technology – akin to the Nintendo 3DS. BGR, on the other hand, claims that the four cameras would track the position of the users’ face and eyes to offer him a 3D perspective as the user moves around the Amazon smartphone. There are some other reports which claim that there is no tracking technology involved. In all, the leak of Amazon’s new smartphone seem to have given rise to more questions than answering existing ones.

A Wall Street Journal report had last week talked about Amazon building a smartphone of its own, claiming that it would be announced by the first week of June with a prospective launch in September. This was preceded by a research note by KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who went on to reveal a few specifications and details about several internal components inside the Amazon smartphone.

Meanwhile, BGR claims that the Amazon handset shown in the photograph is one of the two devices that Amazon would launch later this year. The pictured handset reportedly gets a 4.7 –inch 720p display. This is well “below” the 1080p displays that is the de facto standard on high-end devices. The Amazon smartphone also packs in an unknown Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. There would be 2GB of RAM as well. The Amazon smartphone, apart from getting those five front cameras, will also get a main 13 megapixel camera at the back. On the software front, Amazon will implement a heavily modded version of Android – just like we have seen in the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Amazon is also reportedly working on getting lots of developers and applications on board the device so that they have a complete new ecosystem in place at the time of the actual product launch.

Amazon is rumored to bring the phone exclusively to the United States at least during the initial phases. Pricing would also be a crucial element here, with chances that the Amazon smartphone would be priced below or on par with the prices of the iPhone 5S.

Are you excited about the prospect of an Amazon branded smartphone coming to the market later this year?

[Image via BGR]