Harry Styles Made A ‘Lovable Fool’ Of Himself In Front Of Tom Hanks, Says Kathy Griffin

Harry Styles made the unfortunate decision to get drunk in front of Kathy Griffin.

Since the stand-up comedian has essentially made a career out of poking fun at celebrities while attempting to become one herself, she had no problem discussing her adventure with Styles at a recent Eagles concert. Unfortunately for Griffin, Harry didn’t seem all too interested in getting to know her.

According to Contactmusic, Harry Styles was reportedly seated next to the comedian during an Eagles gig back in January. While Griffin admitted that she spent a lot of time “busting his balls” at the show, the singer seemed more interested in talking to Tom Hanks.

“I was at an Eagles concert and I was sat next to Harry Styles. I was ruthlessly busting his balls and he seemed very, very drunk, and then he went up to Tom Hanks backstage and was making a lovable fool of himself. He said to him, ‘Were you scared on the boat shooting Captain Phillips. Were you scared? It seemed so small,'” Kathy told The Sun.

She continued, “Tom kept saying to him, ‘Harry, this is Kathy Griffin — she’s a comedian.’ He didn’t get it. He wasn’t being a douche but he kept leaving his coat with me. I was going to steal it but my boyfriend talked me out of it so I didn’t get arrested.”

While Harry Styles probably isn’t too thrilled about having his drunken encounter with Tom Hanks shared with the world courtesy of an opportunistic comedian, at least he got away from Griffin without getting a nasty label. Unfortunately for Demi Lovato, she was officially deemed the world’s biggest celebrity douche not too long ago.

The legend behind Griffin’s surprising comment has grown to epic proportions in the collective mind of the singer’s fans. Instead of letting rumors and misconceptions about the situation continue to dance about madly online, the D-lister decided to set the record straight about getting Lovato’s name wrong and the mysterious disappearance of the original tweet.

“I actually tweeted, and you can look it up, the tweet happened, like, March 25th, and I say, ‘Okay, I’ll do a Q&A, but remember I’m using Siri, so go.’ Somebody says, ‘Oh hey, have a Q&A,’ so I’m like okay, and somebody said something to the effect of who is the douchiest celebrity. And then Siri said ‘Debbie’ Lovato, so I thought it was funny, Siri thought I said ‘Debbie,'” she explained.

What do you think about Harry Styles making a “lovable fool” out of himself in front of Tom Hanks?

[Image via Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]