The Futility Of Existence [Video]

It’s…it’s like staring into the face of a vengeful God…The anger. The despair. Still, a petulant envy, like the man moored in his nostalgia, longing for a piece of the innocence he once took for granted but now holds so dear. The trees surrounding him serve only as a bleak reminder: when we reach too far we leave ourselves exposed. Then he is struck by the beauty of a muse. A child, innocence incarnate, draws his gaze. This child, this shadow of his former youth, reveals to him what he seeks. “I show you this pathway, not so you may find what you seek but so you may continue to sail.” The man sees this as a sign of hope. He musters the last of his strength and climbs, he knows his journey is so close to its end. As he passes through to the next realm he is overwhelmed by light, a joy he had never imagined. It is as though the man was once again a boy, filled with wonder.

However, he did not understand what the boy had told him. As he looked up he saw the path continued beyond his sight. He knew then, his innocence was lost to him. The boy served only to remind him that his joy would never last. The man contemplated his fate, the wonder that was once child-like and joyful reverted to bewilderment. He does not know how he will carry on nor what he would do if another obstacle yet stood in his way. After a moment of grim thought he reaches within to convince himself there is an existence worth fighting for just around the bend. He lies to himself. The man slowly turns back, facing the path he had just departed and he lifts the baggage he had left behind. He can not unburden himself of it after all, he must continue to carry it and suffer its assault on his being. As he turns to face the path ahead he sighs, attempting to release any sorrow he can. It does not help. The man shuffles on, muttering to himself the same promise of a beautiful existence just ahead.

The man lies.

-From YouTube User Pengalor