Grumpy Cat: Isn’t MTV For Music?

Grumpy Cat On The Road

If you want some authentic criticism these days, skip over the wordsmiths and their snarky witticisms and go straight to a critic who wears her opinion like a chip on her shoulder. Go with Grumpy Cat.

Two days before the MTV Movie Awards aired on Sunday night, the meme queen primed the world’s pump about crashing the soiree on her very own Twitter account.

But how ever would it come to pass? Silently, that’s how.

It all started out where all the other celebrity sightings take place at every celebrity-worthy event: on the red carpet, where a one-sided interview was all attitude. See the video:

It’s hard work peering out at a thankless world with that much loathing at the drop of a hat. Even when the hat is a miniaturized version of the Dudley Dooright hat made questioningly famous at recent awards functions by Pharrell Williams.

Being cuddled by Johnny Knoxville only softened Grumpy Cat’s woeful gaze by a few degrees to one more along the lines of a helpless animal awaiting a painful prank:

And then, of course, there’s the shot snapped by Mashable‘s entertainment editor, Josh Lincoln Dickson, who happened across Grumpy Cat acting completely out of character:

Oh, Grumpy Cat. Can’t you just be cute and cuddly? According to Judd Apatow’s eldest daughter, Maude, you’ve trumped her own pet, Fluffy Pants McGee, in the cuteness department.

Why isn’t Fluffy Pants McGee cute anymore, Grumpy Cat? Because of you…

Grumpy Cat On Nail Cam