Rod Blagojevich Found Guilty On 17 Counts

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich on Monday was found guilty in 17 of the 20 federal corruption charges for which he was standing trial. The Chicago Democrat came under fire when he tried to trade President Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat for political and personal favors.

Speaking after the verdict Blagojevich told reporters:

“Patti and I are obviously very disappointed in the outcome,” while adding, “I, quite frankly, am stunned.”

As he entered his SUV and sped away from the courthouse a chorus of boos could be heard from the crowd who had gathered, while a jury forewoman said of the juries decision, “I think it sends a message.”

Another juror said Rod did a great job of using a vibrant personality in his favor:

“I think because he was personable, it made it hard to separate [that] from what we had to do as jurors,” that juror said.

“We had to put aside whether we liked him or didn’t like him and just go by the evidence presented to us.”


Even a juror who had laughed at Blagojevich’s jokes on the stand while being deposed said:

“He proved himself guilty beyond any reasonable doubt,” and “He kept saying ‘Do it!’ ‘Push it!’ ‘Get it done!’ That’s where he crossed the line.”

A date has not yet been set for sentencing, however the former Illinois Governor is not allowed to travel outside of the north district of Illinois without permission.

Do you believe Rod Blagojevich got what he deserved?