Kid Cudi's Coachella Crop Top Captures The Internet's Undivided Attention

Kid Cudi was one of the many musicians who rocked Coachella over the weekend. However, his choice of attire may have generated more attention than his songs.

The rapper hit the stage wearing an orange crop top, a fashion choice that rose to popularity during the 1980s. Thanks to Madonna's video for "Lucky Star" and the flick Flashdance, people from all walks of life started wearing the shirts. Of course, some had more success with it than others. This writer in particular definitely couldn't pull off the look. Thank goodness digital cameras weren't around during my youth.

According to the folks at Complex, Kid Cudi had absolutely no reservations about rocking a crop top during his set at Coachella. In fact, his decision to sport the shirt caused quite the uproar on several social media sites. Even if you're unfamiliar with the guy's music, chances are you stumbled across someone talking about his fashion choice.

Check out some photos of Kid Cudi below.

Not surprisingly, reactions to Kid Cudi's Coachella wardrobe was a mixed bag. While some people applauded the guy from bringing back a fashion trend some folks would like to forget, others weren't quite so forgiving. In fact, a few detractors believed Kid Cudi should drop to his knees and beg for forgiveness.

Check out some reactions to that orange crop top below.

Despite how fans might feel about Kid Cudi and his shirt, there's a very strong possibility that more people could begin rocking crop tops in the near future. If you start seeing guys in your neighborhood unabashedly baring their midriffs in public, then you know that the rapper's influence has spread way beyond the internet. Your opinion of this trend will likely vary.