Seven Dead Babies Found In Boxes: Mom Gave Birth, Killed Infants, Saved Bodies

Dead babies killed by this mom

Seven dead babies stuffed into boxes and stored over a 10 year period were discovered by police in a Pleasant Grove, Utah, home Saturday. And the woman who apparently gave birth to all of the babies, then killed them and stored the bodies, was arrested.

In a case that Pleasant Grove police captain Michael Roberts could describe only as “unbelievable,” 39-year-old Megan Huntsman was arrested and charged her with six counts of murder — even though the tiny bodies of seven dead babies were discovered in the home. Police did not clarify the discrepancy between the number of dead babies discovered and the tally of murder charges against Huntsman.

Huntsman moved out of the house in 2011 but her ex-husband, whose parents own the home, was planning to move back in over the summer. On Saturday, he was doing some spring cleaning there, and discovered an odd-looking box in the garage. When he opened the box, a dead baby was inside.

The baby appeared to be an infant who has actually been born, police describing the baby as “full term.” Huntsman’s ex-husband then called 911.

Police then got a search warrant for the rest of the house. The search uncovered six more boxes, each with the remains of a dead baby inside, some of them nothing but tiny skeletons.

Police investigated and concluded that Megan Huntsman became pregnant six times between 1996 and 2006, each time carrying the baby to term then killing the newborn baby. The apparently more recent dead baby was yet to be explained.

A longtime neighbor of Megan Huntsman and her husband when they lived in the home, Sharon Chipman, says that though Megan Huntsman appeared to gan and lose some weight from time to time, she saw nothing to make her believe that Huntsmen was pregnant. Another neighbor, Aaron Hawker, said the same thing. Both described Megan Huntsman as a likable, seemingly normal person. Chipmen said she at times trusted Hunstman to babysit her own children.

Huntsman reportedly has three daughters, of approximate ages 13, 18 and 20. The daughters are said to live in the house where the seven dead babies were found. The house is split into upstairs and downstairs apartments.

Before being charged with murdering six of her own babies, Megan Hunstman had no criminal record. Her ex-husband, police say, is not expected to face any charges in connection with the dead babies.