Duchess Of Cambridge: Is A Second Royal Baby Already On The Horizon?

The Duchess of Cambridge has enjoyed a huge amount of media attention in just about every realm of her life since marrying Prince William, not least in the royal baby department.

The royal couple were being scrutinized more than usual by reporters during their tour of New Zealand on Sunday, after the Prince himself seemed to hint at the fact that a second royal baby may be on the horizon.

The Duchess of Cambridge, though, dampened those rumors by drinking wine and taking an impromptu jet boat ride, neither of which are in keeping with what is traditionally expected of a pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, Prince William definitely did suggest something during a walkabout in the North Island town of Cambridge. During a meeting he had with Cynthia Read, who knitted a merino wool shawl to celebrate the birth of baby George, the Prince said: “You might have to make another one soon!”

Read herself thought the Prince was being serious, as she told reporters: “The way William said it was like he was dropping a hint, letting me in on a secret.”

It seems that anything the Duchess of Cambridge does comes under the watchful eye of the media. On Thursday at a state reception she was seen drinking a lot of water leading some to the conclusion that she must be pregnant.

Then, during a visit to a Queenstown vineyard on Sunday, Kate apparently had more than just a taste of the grapes. Lucie Lawrence, who escorted her, said the Duchess enjoyed about six or seven tastes: “She was drinking it. She really enjoyed drinking the Pinot Noir,” Lawrence said.

For his part, Prince William also seemed keen to crack open a bottle or two of wine. He turned to co-owner of the vineyard, John Darby and said: “We should probably stop the talking and start the drinking.”

It remains to be seen whether or not the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are planning to have another royal brother or sister for George, but as a rule of thumb, despite the ever-ready and hungry media, there’s usually no smoke without fire — so don’t be surprised if you hear a royal announcement soon!