Aaron Carter Absent From Own Brother’s Wedding

Aaron Carter misses own brother's wedding

Aaron Carter has had his own number of romantic failures but his latest failure has less to involvement in his own paramours and more brother Nick’s. Aaron was due to fly in and be a groomsman in Nick Carter’s wedding over the weekend but the younger Carter ended up being a no-show.

Rumorfix is reporting that Aaron did actually have a very good reason for not showing up to his brother’s ceremony. This wasn’t a case of Carter flaking off on something like so many other young performers seem to do these days. It turns out the younger Carter wasn’t actually going to be able to attend the ceremony because he had already agreed to a professional performance.

Aaron was trying to rush out to the site in order to make the reception. The problem was the plane Aaron was looking to catch a ride on had one mechanical problem after another. Considering the young singer was trying to get from Washington, D.C. to the west coast there simply wasn’t time for the trek.

Before anyone complains that Aaron Carter was being rather mean to be scheduling something on Nick’s big day anyway, the singer’s people want to make sure everyone knows he signed the contract with the Cherry Blossom Parade long before Nick had actually picked out the date of the wedding.

While he was on the plane, Aaron began airing his frustration through the social media site Instagram. On the site he posted “Really?? @USAirways @drakebell bro are we both sitting here?? Like really I DIDNT want to miss my bros wedding!! F**K!”

Later on, Carter made sure to apologize to his older brother through the same social site. “Really p***** off that I missed my brothers wedding today.. i hope he doesn’t hate me.. I tried to get there… I’m sorry bro @nickcarter #technicalProblems.”

One has to wonder if Aaron’s inability to get to the nuptials had anything to do with his deep seeded regret over the one that got away. Aaron Carter has gone public with his explanation over the long ago breakup with Hilary Duff. Both performers were young when they were dating and the heartthrob has said he simply got tired of being with the same girl so long.

He eventually left Duff for a very short-lived relationship with Lindsey Lohan. Aaron Carter since said he realizes that Hilary Duff was the love of his life.

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