Five Bears Attack Florida Woman In Her Home [VIDEO]

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was investigating an attack on a Florida woman in a Seminole County neighborhood Saturday night after she was dragged by bears who wandered into her garage and were found sifting through her garbage cans in search of food.

The 45-year-old Lake Mary woman whose name was withheld, said as many as five bears of various sizes” were rooting through her trash when she walked into the garage, Seminole County Sheriff’s Lt. Pete Brenenstuhl told CNN. The bears “dragged her from inside her garage out into her driveway,” leaving her with scrapes and cuts to her face and legs, Brenenstuhl said.

The woman told sheriff deputies she narrowly escaped the attack and ran back into her home where she and her husband called police. The woman was taken to a nearby hospital and treated for wounds to her head, face, legs and torso after officers arrived at the scene.

Lieutenant Jeff Hudson of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission did confirm that the woman had an “encounter with a black bear,” but would not confirm if there were multiple bears involved in the incident as the police report had suggested.

The attack came just hours after Florida Wildlife officials warned the public that black bears and their cubs were moving about the county in search of food, and suggested to residents to begin using bear-resistant trash cans to detour bears from approaching residential areas.

“Now is the time to expect bears to show up looking for food,” Dave Telesco, the head of the wildlife commission’s bear management program, said in Saturday’s advisory. “If they can’t find food in your neighborhood, they’ll move on.”

The Lake Mary incident happened just ten miles from another bear attack where a woman was mauled by a black bear while walking her dogs home, reported the Daily Mail UK.

Reports indicate that this attack was the worst mauling ever recorded in Florida history, which left the 54-year-old woman covered in blood and unrecognizable to her neighbors

The Florida woman told investigators, “The bear was trying to kill me. It just kept coming.”

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