2014 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat And San Antonio Spurs Appear Destined For Finals Rematch

The 2014 NBA playoffs are a little more than a week away, and as the pictures comes more clearly into view it looks remarkably like it did last year.

Last year’s NBA playoffs ended with a classic matchup between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs. It was the second time that LeBron James faced off against Tim Duncan in the Finals, with the Spurs sweeping the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first matchup, only this time it was King James getting the best of Duncan in a thrilling seven-game series.

Now it appears the two players could again be destined for the Finals, with both teams leading their respective conferences.

For the Heat to get through the NBA playoffs, it appears they’ll have to once again go through the Indiana Pacers. The teams are battling it out for the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference, with the Pacers coming into Saturday just a half game behind the Heat.

But the Heat handled the Pacers in a matchup on Friday night, a competitive affair that would be a likely preview of the Eastern Conference Finals.

“As a competitor, we don’t want to finish second,” said James, the Heat’s four-time MVP.

The San Antonio Spurs have already clinched the league’s best record with a win Friday over the Phoenix Suns, giving them a crucial home court advantage throughout the playoffs.

“It’s a big plus,” said Spurs guard Danny Green. “It’s not something we were focused on, but we know it will help us. We’ll be at home for most of the playoffs. The biggest thing for us is to stay healthy and to build chemistry. Winning games in the process helps and we get home-court advantage. That’s just the extra bonus for us.”

But for all the signs pointing to a Spurs-Heat rematch, the 2014 NBA playoffs could always have some surprises in store. The playoffs kick off next week.