Toddler Forced To Smoke Marijuana; Video Of Child Smoking Joint Goes Viral; Hunt For Parents Ongoing

A 6-second video of a toddler being forced to smoke marijuana became the center of social media controversy when it was uploaded by user Chief Smokes on the popular video sharing website Vine.

In the video, a toddler could be seen sitting on a toilet and being directed by a person, presumed by some viewers as his parent, to smoke a joint. After the toddler inhales and exhales the smoke from the roll of marijuana, people could be heard laughing hysterically in the background.

The Vine page has been taken down but has been re-uploaded by many concerned netizens on different video sharing platforms. One of them is user NikoWavy, who many suspected to be the culprit of the marijuana video. However, he clarified on Twitter that he only re-uploaded the video after it was shut down by the original poster.

The video of the abuse can be seen below.

The marijuana-smoking toddler footage gained massive outrage from people, smokers and non-smokers alike, who believed it was abusive for the adults involved to force the child into smoking the joint. One user commented “this is disgusting”, while another said “this is not even funny”.

It also gained more infamy when it was shared on Reddit by user DudeinUSA. Unsurprisingly, redditors were not impressed by the marijuana footage. One redditor, thatguy2366 said:

“How the guy thought it was a good idea to both get a baby high AND film it for vine is unbelieveable.”

Another redditor, Jjjohn04040 said:

“some people shouldn’t be allowed to have children…”

One user, Skidoorider21, took it as a responsibility to report the toddler’s video to local authorities in California, where he believes the video came from:

After watching this I immediately downloaded the video, took screenshots and reported it to CPS in California as it is where the user is from. This is no environment for a child to be in. He needs a good parent not someone to hurt him or bring him down.”

According to the Daily Mail, the video has been retweeted over 39,000 times and revined over 6,800 times.

The parents of the marijuana-smoking toddler has not yet been identified, but concerned netizens are hopeful that the toddler’s parents will soon be caught by the authorities.

So far, officials in the area where the video was reportedly recorded has not yet released official statements on their plan of action regarding the marijuana-smoking toddler footage.

Concerned netizens are hopeful that whoever planned and orchestrated the abuse will soon be brought to justice.

What should be the punishment for the parents of the marijuana-smoking toddler in the video?