Minnie Driver Quits Twitter Over Bikini Harassment

By now we know that social networks like Twitter can be a cesspool for internet trolling and mean-spirited vitriol, and it appears as though actress Minnie Driver has found that out as the star has been on the other end of disrespectful tweets.

Minnie Driver who's currently on the NBC comedy About a Boy, took to twitter after "mean" comments were thrown in her direction from Twitter users. The bullying got to be so bad that Driver has decided to quit Twitter to avoid being put down by internet trolls.

It all started when the actress was snapped on vacation with her family. At the time the actress was photographed in a two piece bikini while in Miami with her son Henry. The photos of Minnie in her bikini prompted spewing hate from Twitter.

Driver saw some of the comments made about her appearance and decided to address them on Twitter.

"You try being photographed when you don't know it's happening, when you're on holiday with your kids," tweeted Driver.

The actress then followed up with the sudden announcement that she has decided to quit Twitter due to the harassment over her bikini body.

Here's a series of tweets Minnie Driver posted to Twitter:

Although some of the comments were hateful, not everyone had nasty things to say about Minnie Driver. In fact there were some users who offered their support to the actress who was understandably upset about being photographed and then picked a part by the open community.

Just the other day the 44-year-old actress said that she does not go to the gym to stay in shape but focuses on other activities. "I surf and I do ballet. I don't really do the gym at all."

From the looks of it one can't even tell.

[Image Credit: NBC]