Stephen Colbert Announcement Garners Wide Range Of Reactions On Twitter

Stephen Colbert is replacing David Letterman on the Late Show. That particular announcement has drawn quite a few reactions from the truly excited to those are a bit bewildered about the move.

The truly interesting reactions are from the ones who identify themselves as conservatives or proud members of the Tea Party and are operating on Twitter. Those reactions to Colbert becoming the new face of late night have ranged from angry to outraged to almost insanely furious.

The announcement of Stephen to be the replacement of David Letterman caught most of America by surprise, simply because he had been so successful as a satirist on Comedy Central. By all accounts, that particular character is going to be left behind and Stephen Colbert will instead be a performer most of America has never seen before.

The announcement did bring out the celebrities on Twitter who wanted to make their reaction to the decision known to the public. Among those who congratulated the new Late Night host were his new competition.

As the Los Angeles Times pointed out, the hiring of Colbert is not a conservative one, either professionally or when talking about his political leanings. It is his political leanings that have Conservatives up in arms about the announcement. Some of those Conservatives are run of the mill Twitter users who simply feel as though the network has made a move that leaves them in the lurch.There are also plenty of political talking heads that are outraged and have turned to hyperbole to express their rage at Stephen Colbert taking over for David Letterman. Rush Limbaugh topped the list of reactions, by proclaiming that the changeover was an announcement of an attack at the very heart of America.While that isn't actually true, there is something to be said to the number of Conservatives and Tea Party folks who have seemingly been left out in the cold by hiring someone who's political affiliations are as obvious as Stephen Colbert's. The fallout should be interesting.

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