Ana Trujillo Re-Enacts Stiletto Murder During Sentencing Hearing

Ana Trujillo, known as the woman who killed her boyfriend with a stiletto, took the stand today during her sentencing hearing. Trujillo used her time on the stand to describe what had happened on the night of her boyfriend’s murder. According to ABC News, this was the first time that the jury has heard the events straight from Trujillo herself.

An earlier report by The Inquisitr stated that the Houston jury found Ana Trujillo guilty of murdering her boyfriend, 59-year-old Dr. Stefan Andersson. Trujillo was found guilty of using her blue five-and-a-half inch stiletto to bludgeon Andersson to death. Reports state that she used the shoe to hit Andersson 25 times in the head, face and arms.

Today Ana Trujillo took the stand and maintained that she was only violent towards Andersson because she was trying to protect herself from him. During her sentencing hearing, Trujillo used her attorney, Jack Carroll, to re-enact what she says happened on the night of her boyfriend’s murder. She doesn’t deny that there was a struggle, but she and Carroll showed jurors that it was Andersson who was the aggressor, shoving her up against the wall and floor of his condo.

“He was suffocating me. I cannot breathe,” she said during the demonstration. “Desperately, I reached over and grabbed my left shoe.”

ABC News stated that Ana Trujillo sat down with them in January and explained that the couple had been dating for a few months and that they were in love. Things were good, that is until Andersson began drinking. Trujillo claimed that Andersson become both verbally and physically abusive when he drank:

“Sometimes he would drink so much that he would, like pass out. All of a sudden, he would wake up, and he would be looking at me, and he would start yelling and screaming…. ‘What are you doing? You don’t belong here,’ he would start yelling at me, things that didn’t make any sense to me.”

According to, Ana Trujillo said that she started striking Andersson anywhere she could the night of his murder because he was growing increasingly violent with her and she felt like she couldn’t talk him down. “I became frightened. I did fear for my life. I felt he lost it.” When asked why she kept hitting him, Trujillo claimed that Andersson wouldn’t let her go.

“I had no idea I was hurting him that badly. I reached over and said ‘Oh God, what happened?’ I reached over and my hands were full of blood.”

Jurors also heard from Andersson’s family, who claim that he was a “good person who wouldn’t hesitate to help anyone”. Now that Ana Trujillo has been found guilty of murdering Dr. Stefan Andersson, she could face up to life in prison.

[Image via Shutterstock/Chuck Rausin]