WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Returning To The UFC?

Brock Lesnar has always been an athletic specimen that could be considered one of the best freak talents in the world. Even into his 30’s, he can do things that few people have the ability to do. His strength has not left him since the first day he arrived in WWE, and he was really able to translate that well to the Octagon in UFC.

Lesnar only wrestled for the WWE for around 2 years before leaving the company. WWE put a lot on him, which made them angry when he left. He won the WWE Title three times and defeated some of WWE’s top stars, including The Rock, Triple H, Undertaker, and many more. Of course, Stone Cold Steve Austin refused to lose to Lesnar as he felt something weird about him and did not want to put a man over that was too young for it…among other choice words we cannot repeat on this website.

In the end, Austin was right. WWE allowed Brock Lesnar to keep his real name for WWE TV, and they have only allowed this for very choice people…such as their top man named John Cena. At the time, Lesnar was coming in, WWE was trying to find a new top guy while other big names were leaving or getting older. Lesnar seemed like the perfect choice. He’s a huge freak athlete that can wrestle very well.

Brock Lesnar

Before WWE, Lesnar was the NCAA Heavyweight Champion at Minnesota. So not only did Brock have athletic strength, but he had agility that was scary to see in action. He truly lived up to the moniker “Here comes the pain” when he came out. WWE announcer Tazz used this for Lesnar, and it was true to see in action. Lesnar was never seen as an amazing performer, despite his wrestling ability. The reason being, he was a stiff worker who did not want to change his style. This led to a few people getting seriously injured.

Lesnar was not able to handle WWE’s difficult schedule and was using alcohol and pain killers to get through everything. So he left and decided to try other ventures. Without any football background, Lesnar walked on to the Minnesota Vikings and was very close to making the team. He did not, but showed how good of an athlete he was by being able to almost make a pro team without any background in the sport.

Brock then tried his hand at MMA, where he fought in a few fights…dominating them and never losing.

This led to Dana White of the UFC offering him a contract. Lesnar of course took it and he ended up with the company, fighting big names right out of the gate. Lesnar’s fight with Frank Mir drew him worldwide attention. He dominated Mir, beating him to a bloody pulp, and then Mir got lucky with a submission to beat Lesnar. This did not settle well with Lesnar, but it made the UFC think he could still deserve a shot if he could take on an MMA staple and barely get beaten…due to inexperience.

He was soon given a UFC Heavyweight Title fight against Randy Couture. This PPV was, at the time, the highest bought UFC PPV in history. Lesnar would go on to break UFC PPV records in other fights too.

Lesnar beat Randy, making him the only man to be WWE, NCAA, and UFC Champion. I guess Colin Coweherd’s idiotic comments on wrestlers hold no ground with Brock.

Lesnar went on to defend his title against Frank Mir, after Mir talked crap for months about him. Mir then was destroyed inside the Octagon by Lesnar. Eventually, Lesnar lost and was diagnosed with diverticulitis, a very horrific intestinal illness. He had part of his intestines removed, which may have been the reason he lost his last two fights. Lesnar was just coming back from this when he lost his championship.

Lesnar realized he needed to do something else, so he ended back up with the WWE and has been with them since. Yet now, it could be that Lesnar is eyeing a UFC return. White has mentioned before that he has spoken to Lesnar, but that did not mean a contract was being discussed.

As Lesnar stated after his win against Triple H a while back, he felt there was nothing left for him in WWE. A heelish way of putting down the company by stating his own merits. Of course, Lesnar then went on to be the man who finally broke The Undertaker’s WrestleMania win streak last Sunday night.

Now he is saying the same things he was before. Real life manager of Lesnar, Paul Heyman, stated that he would be managing Lesnar’s career in MMA if he decided he would go back. WWE is legitimately trying to sign Lesnar back on for two more years, at $2 million per match, a contract that offers him excellent pay for such a schedule.

Lesnar is in the last year of his deal, so he cannot return to the MMA scene until his WWE deal is up. This is why WWE is trying to sign him now, as it would keep him with WWE until 2017 and they would know exactly how and when to use him in storylines.

It is very likely Brock Lesnar stays with the WWE. Paul Heyman, who knows Lesnar better than anyone, once said that if Brock did not like what he was doing, he would not do it, which leads us to believe Lesnar still enjoys being with WWE. Everything considered, Lesnar will probably not make the MMA jump next year and will stay with WWE part time for years to come.

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