Andrew Garfield Surprises London Charity In Spider-Man Costume

Andrew Garfield surprised a London charity by dressing as Spider-Man and just hanging out with them on April 8. If this doesn’t make SonyPictures’ latest actor your favorite for the film role, you probably don’t like the character.

Back when Tobey Maguire donned the webbed Spider-Man costume, he had given us a version of the character everybody could actually care about. He had problems and he wasn’t always popular with the girls. Sadly, his ironically mirthful “emo” antics in the third film combined with the promised villain Venom getting maybe ten minutes of actual screen time to make a movie so bad that Maguire and Sam Raimi wouldn’t touch it again.

Andrew Garfield came along as the new actor in The Amazing Spider-Man, giving the character back his cocky sense of humor and happy go lucky nature. This left a lot of fans confused about which actor they preferred as the web-slinging hero in red and blue. Thanks to a promotional visit in costume, a groups of kids in London probably have a very definite favorite now.

Thirty year old Garfield stopped by Kids’ City, a charity for children living in Lambeth, Merton, and Wandsworth, which provides after school care and activities for the young ones. After making a cameo appearance in the interactive London play The Drowning Man, he hung around with the kids and played net ball with them in costume.

You read that right: Some kids in London got to play ball with Spider-Man. You can tell from the photos taken at the event that the young ones could not have been happier. Just in case any of them had a doubt who it was in that Lycra suit, Andrew Garfield later removed the suit to sit down and eat pizza with the children.

This is his second promotional appearance for the upcoming movie, having also been spotted riding bikes in the Forbidden City with costar Emma Stone in Beijing. It looks like Andrew Garfield is making up for his Oscars shenanigans with Batkid.

A lot of kids in London are probably going to be extremely excited to see the theatrical release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, just to catch their new favorite superhero fight the Rhino, Electro, and Green Goblin, and save the day again. The Andrew Garfield London charity surprise was probably the highlight of their year.

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