Philadelphia Motel Shootout: Gunfight Caught On Surveillance Video

Philadelphia police are looking for two gunmen who apparently opened fire on each other in a motel hallway.

Surveillance cameras filmed the shootout that occurred at the Roosevelt Motor Inn in Northeast Philly on March 31 shortly after midnight. See embedded video below.

So far it’s something along the lines of a no-tell motel as cops have been unable to identify any of the alleged perpetrators.

Philadelphia police released the footage today in hopes of generating leads in the case. Fortunately no one — including any guest inadvertently caught in the crossfire — was injured in the shooting spree according to detectives. “An employee told police he heard gunshots coming from a hallway and then spotted an unidentified man running past the front desk armed with a handgun. The employee claimed the man fled through the parking lot and then south on the Boulevard. Police recovered surveillance video showing two armed men running through hallways and shooting at each other.”

Investigators did recover ballistics evidence at the scene, however, although as alluded to above they have not been able to locate any suspects or victims thus far. “At one point, a man can be seen crouching down and pointing a handgun toward the end of a corridor. He flees after another man reaches a gun around the hallway’s corner and appears to fire off a round.”

According to the latest statistics, violent crime has generally decreased in Philadelphia, although it has increased in certain neighborhoods.

In an entirely separate incident in the city a few days ago as The Inquisitr previously reported, an 11-year-old girl was tragically shot dead Saturday apparently by her two-year-old brother as their mother used the bathroom down the hall, after the mom’s boyfriend allegedly left a loaded.357 caliber handgun in the house, on top of a refrigerator.”

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Watch the Philadelphia motel shootout surveillance video: