Pakistan Sets 32 Guinness Records, Officials Skeptical

Pakistan’s Punjab Government’s astonishing streak of setting 32 Guinness World Records has hit a huge roadblock.

Within a couple of days of the Pakistan Government announcing the achievement of 32 world records during its regime, the chief agency has said that the authenticating judges were not part of its team. The Government claims to have set the records via its participants within the just concluded Punjab Youth Festival 2014. However, the Guinness World Records has dampened the news by informing the judges aren’t part of its official entourage that officiate such records, reported Deccan Herald.

During the widely publicized event, the Pakistan Government had claimed that Anatonela Maria Oreja from Spain and Danial from England were the ‘representatives of the Guinness Book of World Record’. But, Amarilis Whitty, Public Relations Director Guinness World Records, has revealed the contrary in an email that read “I would like to confirm that we have not partnered with the Sports Board Punjab and we do not have representatives of the names you mention below. Those people are not associated to GWR and we did not adjudicate those events in Pakistan”

But, Whitty has also said, “However I can confirm we did provide Sports Board Punjab with remote adjudication service which means our judges are not at the events but we provided them with videos for their events and quick verification of their evidence” This significantly muddles up the water as the Sports Board does have some remote recording facility that can be brought into play to record feats at events and get them authenticated remotely.

The current Government has been said to have spent an absurd amount of Rs. 500 Million ($8.3 Million) on the elements in the Guinness Book of World Record for registration of the records to be set in the festival. No wonder the opposition is strongly alleging corruption.

The Punjab Youth Festival is one of the largest regional events in South East Asia. This year saw collective participation from 4.8 Million Pakistanis. What makes the matters even more confusing is the fact that the foul–play and all records have been published by a local news broadcasting agency. The festival has always served as a stage for achieving record setting or breaking feats. Same time last year, this event germinated 6 Guinness World Records, but fortunately for the country, certified GWR Adjudicator Carlos Martinez was present at the event and they were authenticated with no controversy, reported The Nation. But these 32 Guinness World Records are still shrouded in mystery.

[Image Credit | awamimedia]