Nine-Month-Old Pakistani Baby Accused Of Attempted Murder Goes Into Hiding

Musa Khan, the nine-month-old Pakistani baby who became an instant news story when he was accused by authorities of attempted murder, is now in hiding.

In one of the most incredible news stories to come out of that part of the world, the nine-month-old Pakistani baby appeared in court last week, after he, along with his father and grandfather, were accused of attempted murder when a mob of protesters stoned police trying to break their gathering.

Speaking to the news agency Reuters the baby’s grandfather, Muhammad Yasin said:

“Police are vindictive. Now they are trying to settle the issue on personal grounds, that’s why I sent my grandson to Faisalabad for protection.”

Of course, we don’t know exactly what happened during the riot, but the fact that a nine-month-old baby is being suspected of attempted murder, underscores the many problems that Pakistan has with its justice system.

During the intial court appearance last week, the baby cried when police tried to fingerprint him at the local station and he tried to grab reporters’ microphones — as he drank from his bottle — when his grandfather spoke to them.

So what is the current situation for the now famous nine-month-old Pakistani baby accused of attempted murder? One can say, he is out on bail and due in court again later this week.

“He does not even know how to pick up his milk bottle properly, how can he stone the police?” Yasin asked journalists at the court Thursday.

The distraught grandfather says that the Pakistani baby’s family has not decided whether they will bring him back to Lahore for the April 12 hearing.

But they may not have to, after all the media attention and backlash the story has received all over the world and on social media, is reporting that the provincial government has suspended the police officer who filed the ridiculous charge against the nine-month-old Pakistani baby and will investigate the incident.

The man in question allegedly included the baby in his report because he accused the entire family of beating him up and injuring his head.

“He has directed police authorities to take action against the officials who booked the infant,” a police officer said of the minister’s orders.

What do you think about Pakistani police accusing a baby of attempted murder and fingerprinting him?

[Iamge via Twitter]