‘Sinister Six’ Movie Will Be ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ Spinoff, Director Announced

The Sinister Six movie has been announced as a spinoff to The Amazing Spider-Man, laying to rest some of the rumors brought on in the trailers for the latest release from Sony Pictures. Yes, it appears Sony is attempting to do the same thing that Fox and Marvel are doing, making a series of films with the same continuity.

We’re still waiting for Warner Bros to do the same with the DC Comics franchise, and as previously reported by The Inquisitr, it looks like they’re rushing to catch up.

Questions have arisen about who the Sinister Six will be, even though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 seems to be dropping hints even spied in the trailers. In one sweep scene, we noticed some peripherals in production at Oscorp that look suspiciously like Dr. Octopus’ arm harness and Vulture’s wing harness. There are plans for a Venom movie already, and the Kingpin has been spotted. We’re also being guaranteed the appearances of Green Goblin, Rhino, Kingpin, and Electro, which will hopefully not backfire like some films with multiple villains which came before (again, we’re looking at you, Warner Bros/DC Comics).

One such question is who exactly will the villains be in the Sinister Six movie? The Lizard has been defeated already (though he might come back for revenge), and there is no promise that any of the main villains from the second film will survive. While we’ve seen seven villains, that’s five we can’t yet count on seeing again, and one more planned to face off with Peter Parker’s alter ego face to face.

The good news is that practically every villain in Spider-Man’s past has been in the Sinister Six, so we might see some villains come back (because Marvel characters never seem to die) and others get introduced.

The upcoming Amazing Spider-Man spinoff has landed a director in Drew Goddard, the man behind Cabin in the Woods, so high tech toys such as the hinted villains use won’t be anything new. It is worth noting that he co-wrote the horror cult classic alongside Joss Whedon, the man behind The Avengers.

Aside from the X-Men series (which have been struggling to shake off their mediocre image after The Last Stand and the Wolverine films), no movie based on Marvel characters has successfully brought in multiple super villains, and the Sinister Six movie … it’s obvious how many villains will be there.

While it appears that Sony wants to take the ambitious route to the top of the Marvel Comics “food chain,” we can’t help but wonder if they’re biting off more than they can chew. One thing we certainly know about Drew Goddard’s take on the Amazing Spider-Man spinoff is that the web-slinging hero will be quite busy in the Sinister Six movie and beyond.