UConn Riot: Fans Damage Property, Light Fires In Storrs After Team’s NCAA Title Game Win

UConn fans started a riot on Monday after their team’s surprising NCAA national title game win over Kentucky.

Shortly after the final buzzer sounded and the UConn players streamed onto the court in celebration, fans began gather in Storrs, Connecticut, to start rowdy celebrations of their own. The group soon numbered close to 10,000, and the cheering turned into property destruction and arrests.

National emergency alerts from Connecticut noted that the UConn riot included property destruction and injuries.

The report read: “Around 10,000 kids at UCONN are damaging property,a light post was throw into a buildings window,reports of minor injuries,pd o/s”

Other reports noted that police were attempting to quell the UConn riot, which had already grown violent.

UConn students and fans involved in the riot shared accounts on social media, with many of them proud of the rowdy celebration.

The UConn campus has seen riots in the past, including the team’s last NCAA title in 2011. That riot grew both violent and destructive, with police making 27 arrests and a video showing students trying to flip a car going viral.

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