Is There Life On Mars? NASA Rover Photographs Artificial Light On The Planet!

Mars is famously thought to be a dead planet that probably once harbored life forms. There is ample evidence to that. However, is there a possibility that Mars could still be teeming with intelligent life forms that our past and current missions to the planet might have simply failed to discover?

A latest photograph captured by one of the two NASA rovers on Mars might be pointing towards exactly that possibility. The photograph captured by the Navcam of the Curiosity rover from the surface of Mars was beamed back to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. This image has captured a strange light emanating outward from the surface of the planet.

Mars Surface Curiosity
A zoomed-in photo of the area where Mars rover Curiosity took pictures of a strange bright light emanating from the surface.

While NASA is yet to officially comment on the photograph and talk about what it really could be, bloggers and space enthusiasts have already started talking about this being “proof” of the fact that intelligent life does exist on Mars, reports the Houston Chronicle.

UFO Sightings Daily owner Scott C. Waring first posted the image on April 6 saying that the light from Mars is artificial in nature because of the fact that it is clearly not an artifact in the photo or glare from the Sun. He goes on to say that this light “could indicate there is intelligent life below the ground and uses light as we do.”

All said, let us not forget that these still are unverified claims. Unless NASA issues a press release to explain the source of this light on Mars, we can merely speculate about its origins. Also to be noted is the fact that there have been similar “discoveries” of life on Mars in the past as well which were subsequently quashed. Back in January, another NASA photograph had captured a “Jelly doughnut” shaped rock on the surface of Mars which was quickly dubbed to be of alien nature. NASA later clarified that it was merely a rock.

Meanwhile, the Curiosity Rover is currently located at a location called Kimberley on the surface of Mars. Named after a place bearing the same name in Australia, the location could give clues about the history of the planet and whether it was teeming with life in the past. At Kimberley, four types of rock intersect making the study of the place important. NASA had planned to take the Curiosity rover to this location on Mars well in advance. The place is located 3.8 miles from the location where Curiosity landed back in August 2012.

Do you still think this light is clear evidence that there indeed is life on Mars?

[Image Via JPL]