Couple Injured In Boston Bombing Get Married

A couple from the Boston bombing April 15, 2013 have found their happy ending in each other. Rebekah Gregory and Pete DiMartino got married in a fairytale setting at the gorgeous 19th-century Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The couple won a free wedding from What a wonderful surprise for a couple who have been through so much.

The couple had known each other for about a year after having met on a work trip. Rebekah and Pete, along with Rebekah’s young son, Noah, were at the finish line of the Boston Marathon ready to cheer on Pete’s mom as she crossed as reported by That is when the explosion changed their lives forever. Rebekah’s body shielded her son, saving his life, although he did sustain lung injuries and bruises. Rebekah and Pete sustained serious injuries and were rushed to different hospitals.

Rebekah’s leg was crushed and every bone had been broken requiring fifteen surgeries so far, and she still may require amputation. The back of Pete’s leg was completely blown off, also requiring multiple surgeries and rehabilitation and a ruptured eardrum per

Although Rebekah lived in Texas and Pete in New York, the couple supported each other and grew stronger together during their recuperations. One day in October, reports that Rebekah was having a rough day and called Pete and simply told him, “I need you here right now.” Pete immediately put the custom-made ring for Rebekah in his pocket, and began the long drive from New York to Texas.

When the couple was reunited at the hospital, Pete pulled the ring box out of his pocket, and before he could even propose, Rebekah yelled, “Yes!” reported Rebekah saying, “Going through an experience like the marathon makes you realize how short life really is and how we don’t really know how much time we have left. And I know that with my time there is nobody else I would want to spend it with. It made me realize how much I cared about him and how much he was the only person for me.”

Using a special crutch, and guided by her father and son, Rebekah made her way down the aisle to her groom. The couple were surrounded by 150 friends and family who have supported and encouraged them. quoted Rebekah as she said, ‘We really appreciate each other so much more. I’ve fallen deeper in love with Pete every single day.”

After the couple said their vows in a sweet and emotional ceremony, Rebekah held onto her new husband with a smile. According to as Rebekah held tight to Pete, she said that she couldn’t stand without leaning on him for support. “Keep holding him like that – it’ll do well in your life,” the officiant said poignantly. We wish this newlywed couple all the best.

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