ScHoolboy Q Swears He Is A Most Profane Rapper

ScHoolboy Q is proving an apt pupil when it comes to the rap game. The former gang-banger has just secured himself a place of honor on a prestigious list as one of the most profane rappers of all time.

ScHoolboy Q, Dr. Dre and Scarface are well known for swearing more than seasoned and slightly salted sea-dogs on steroids, but according to a recent analysis on rap songs, ScHoolboy Q and his sworn brothers are among the most foul-mouthed hip hoppers in the business.

And let’s be honest when it comes to cussing and cursing there’s no business like rap business. Just ask ScHoolboy Q. Maybe it’s something to do with the all-too familiar subject matter of bitches, blunts, and bullets, but swearing fits rap like a glove.

ScHoolboy Q was selected to join the rank and file place of blue-mouthed musical artists following a detailed study of profanity in popular rap music stretching all the way back to 1985.

Now you might ask who has the time and inclination to listen carefully to ScHoolboy Q songs and carry out these studies, and for what purpose? But that way lies madness. Suffice to say the guys and gals at must have a lot of spare time on their hands. I’d swear by it. Or maybe ScHoolboy Q would.

The assembled analysts selected five rap albums that they deemed as the most influential or important from each year, before examining who has the most cuss words per song. Needless to say ScHoolboy Q was right up there with the other foul-mouthed greats of the genre.

ScHoolboy Q reacted to the acclaim on Twitter with: “So I dropped 2 indie albums and 1 major and I make da all migHty profanity team lol f—- is my favorite word!!

ScHoolboy Q had some pretty stiff competition when it came to making the grade. Alongside Schoolboy Q’s more recent efforts, since 1985, a total of 31,564 curse words were used in 145 popular rap albums. Nice work if you can get it ScHoolboy Q.

On the ‘Most Profane Rap Album’ list, the top spot went not to ScHoolboy Q, but Tupac’s All Eyez on Me. So it’s a case of going back to school for ScHoolboy Q if he wants to match the mean-mouthed master.

And ScHoolboy Q has made no bones about how he wants to make a hit single to go with his number one album Oxymoron. Schoolboy Q revealed: “I make big a** records and my album was a hit, but I haven’t made a hit record yet. I would like a hit record.”

Now to make his dream come true all ScHoolboy Q has to do is swear he’ll clean up his act.