Girl Scout Sells More Than 21,000 Boxes Of Cookies

An Oklahoma Girl Scout sold more than 21,000 boxes of cookies. Twelve-year-old Katie Francis broke a 30-year record when she sold her 18,107th box. However, she did not stop until she sold 21,477 boxes. Katie said breaking the record was rewarding but it was a lot of work.

In a recent interview, Katie said she sold cookies seven days a week. On many days, she worked more than 12 hours to break the record.

The sixth grader’s mother, DeLee Francis, supported her daughter’s efforts. DeLee said she accompanied her daughter as she sold cookies door to door. She also kept her SUV filled with cookies for impromptu sales.

Although cookie season usually lasts seven weeks, inclement weather prompted the organization to extend the season an additional week. Katie used the extra time to her advantage, selling more than 2,000 more boxes.

Katie said she managed to break the record through hard work, dedication, and “asking everyone she met to buy” a box of Girl Scout cookies. She said she eventually learned not to take “no” personally.

In addition to breaking the national record, Katie surpassed her own record of 12,428 boxes in 2013.

As reported by, Katie’s customers were specifically interested in Thin Mints. The caramel and toasted coconut Samoas came in second.

As Katie’s troop will receive a portion of the profits, the girls decided to donate the money to breast cancer research.

In 2008, 15-year-old Jennifer Sharpe came close to breaking the record. The Dearborn, Michigan, teen managed to sell 17,328 boxes of cookies. Although she broke the local record, she missed the national record by less than 1,000 boxes.

Sharpe said the her customers preferred Thin Mints and Do-si-dos, which are peanut butter sandwich cookies. Fox News reports the teen sold a majority of her cookies from a stand she set up on a street corner.

The 15-year-old’s sales raised close to $14,000 for her troop. The girls used the money to fund a 10-day trip to Europe.

In 2008, Girl Scout cookies cost $3.50 per box. Katie Francis was tasked with selling her cookies for $4.00 per box. Although the cookies are a bit pricy, they remain a favorite winter treat. As the cookies are sold for less than two months per year, many customers purchase several boxes to stock up.

Katie Francis managed to break the national record for Girl Scout cookie sales. However, she has not mentioned whether she will try to break her own record next year.

[Image via Girl Scouts Diamonds]