Britney Spears Portrayed By Anna Kendrick In ‘SNL’s Little Mermaid Sketch

Britney Spears has hosted Saturday Night Live a number of times, but last night she became the butt of the joke during Anna Kendrick’s episode. Pulling in the singing duties for her first Saturday Night Live stint, Kendrick took on Britney Spears for a genius “Little Mermaid” sketch.

For the “Little Mermaid” sketch, Anna Kendrick portrayed the lead character Ariel, while fan favorite Aidy Bryant took on Ursula. In the sketch Ariel is willing to give up her voice for a pair of legs, just like in the original film. Her goal is to be with Prince Eric. When the time comes to show off her pipes to Ursula, instead of sounding like Ariel, Kendrick’s voice sounds more like popular fabricated-synth artists like Britney Spears and Kesha.

In the sketch Anna Kendrick sang Kesha’s signature song “We R Who We R.” The highlight of the sketch, besides Aidy’s spot on Ursula impression, was when Kendrick took on Britney Spears’ popular hit “Womanizer” to the confusion of Sebastian (Jay Pharoah) and Flounder (Bobby Moynihan). Although the actress did a great impression of Kesha, when she took on Britney Spears’ specific vocals it seemed to get a large response out of the audience.

It’s not that surprising that Britney Spears’ songs would be at the center of a Saturday Night Live sketch. Over the years some of Britney’s most popular songs have been staple on many pop culture shows and events.

Spears’ songs have even made some special moments go viral. Recently a bride was left absolutely stunned after the best man decided to put on a performance of Britney’s “Work B–ch” during her wedding. The Californian bride was in shock as the best man put on a full-on performance which was choreographed to Spears’ sassy song.

After the Britney Spears video went viral the bride interviewed with Good Morning America and said, “I was just blown away the whole time. I was so shocked and so surprised. It was just so much fun.'”

As it just so happens the best man is co-creator of ABC family’s The Fosters, and contacted choreographer Chris Downey for the performance.

Downey said of the Britney Spears routine:

“The bride thought [the dancers] were employees of the venue, so no one knew a bunch of professional dancers were there. This is honestly the best gift you can give someone at a wedding. She freaked out.'”

Currently Britney Spears performs out of Las Vegas in one of the biggest shows at Planet Hollywood.

[Image Credit: NBC]