Battlefield 4: Dinosaur Mode In The Works?

Selina Leavitt

Gamers know that there are always secrets in their games. Beyond the story, beyond the PVP, beyond the side-quests are those little nuances that you can find only if you're truly dedicated. Battlefield 4 has been trending due to the secret of the Megalodon. Here's a rundown of how to trigger the giant shark in Battlefield 4. You need ten players to bait the shark out of the water. Then you will need to load Battlefield's Naval Strike DLC (map: Nansha Strike). All players will have to head to the water's buoy. The megalodon will then surface.

Rumors are circulating about another Easter egg found in Battlefield 4. In one area, players are treated to a dinosaur roar. According to, the developer responsible for the Battlefield series (DICE) has been hinting at another secret, a bigger secret. This Easter egg is said to be huge and, once it makes its debut, will affect all players on the Battlefield server. Dinosaurs have been a running gag in the Battlefield series and theories have been spreading that the roar and shaking bushes mean that there could be one inserted into the game, or even a dinosaur mode.

In an interview with an IGN journalist, the Creative Director of DICE/Battlefield, Lars Gustavsson, addressed the possibility of players being interested in a dinosaur mode. "We definitely hear them, and I like the thought of it too, so who knows. It definitely sounds extremely sexy and sounds like something that would fit the Battlefield universe very well." When he was pushed to state whether or not it was currently in the works he simply said, "Not right now, we're focusing on Battlefield 4."

Does that necessarily mean that Battlefield 4 won't be seeing the long desired mode? The Battlefield community seems to believe the idea in Battlefield 4 is still possible. Players have been making YouTube videos to try and prove it, and several forums are dedicated to the discussion. In one video, viewers are shown that DICE is even looking for a Technical Animator to hire. Searching that tip leads to the Battlefield developer's LinkedIn site showing dinosaurs in various states of development. Rumors have also included the possibility that if there is not a dinosaur mode, that Battlefield might be taking up a robot dinosaur map or story line.

With random dinosaur skulls, roar sound files and other minor hints, could Battlefield 4 really be gearing up for a dinosaur mode or dinosaur-based map pack or is DICE's interest in dinosaur animators possibly for a future Battlefield game? What do you think?