Santa and a Giant Butt Plug is Art: Explain that to the kiddies

Duncan Riley

Yes, that photo is Santa with a giant butt plug. Paul McCarthy is the artist and his work is described as having an unnerving psychosexual tone. Translation: Paul McCarthy is a freak.

"I'm interested in caricatures — from Miss Piggy to Popeye to Santa Claus — that are cultural fabrications," observes the 63-year-old artist from his LA home. "Santa is one that I've hung on to longer, that I repeat more. There's the whole thing of Christmas and consumption and commodity, and its relationship to capitalism and Western culture and Americana. The character itself is this roly-poly patriarch with a beard — almost a godlike figure."

So what do you do with a god like figure? Give it a gigantic butt plug and set it loose on an unsuspecting public. McCarthy has done an entire series of sculptural works based on a Santa figure holding aloft a tree-like butt plug.

Despite the recent Tim Allen Santa Clause movie where Mrs Clause has a baby, I don't want to imagine Santa having sex or using sex toys. Is it gross, undoubtedly. Is it offensive? You tell me. I know I wouldn't want to explain it to my six year old.