Sting, Will He Appear At Wrestlemania 30?

Reports are showing online that Sting might make some sort of debut at Wrestlemania XXX. This comes on the heels of previous reports of a possible Undertaker versus Sting match at Wrestlemania XXXI, which includes a rumor that Sting signed a contract for only one match at the grandest stage of them all for 2015, reported here on The Inquisitr.

According to F4W Newsletter, it is noted that the original plan was to air a Sting vignette at Wrestlemania XXX. However, the original plan is now up in the air:

"At one point, the plan for Sting was to run a promo for his return during WrestleMania and have him debut the next night on Raw. The idea was to do something similar to how they debuted Goldberg. That may have changed, but given how long it's been since WCW closed, getting younger fans to find out who Sting is during the day between the shows might be the best option."
There are positives announcing Sting's arrival at Wrestlemania XXX. First, it is the most-watched sports entertainment event of the year. That is why it is called "the grandest stage of them all". Wrestlemania is an event where new careers are immortalized (such as Undertaker's Streak) and careers are retired in a high fashion (Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels).

If they want to hype the match for next year, they should have Sting appear right after the Undertaker versus Brock Lesnar match. It is possible for this to happen since Sting will be attending WrestleCon, which is located in New Orleans at the exact same time as Wrestlemania XXX.

And if they really want to push the hype, they should have the lights go out after Undertaker's match, then when they turn on, Sting will be in the ring too. Have Sting take out Undertaker with the Scorpion Death Drop then follow through with Undertaker's signature throat slice gesture.

Perhaps the best way to push Undertaker versus Sting would be exactly what What Culture reports. This is a match that needs to be pushed beyond the aura of the Undertaker's Streak. If the Streak is advertised and pushed too much, this will become "just another streak match". However, if the fact that Undertaker's opponent is pushed - being Sting for this matter - then the match itself will be anticipated more so than "who is next in the streak". The best example of this happening was when Undertaker faced against Randy Orton in the "Legend versus Legend Killer" match.

Are you looking forward to seeing Sting in the WWE? If so, should he appear at Wrestlemania XXX to challenge the Undertaker?