Piers Morgan Slammed By Elisabeth Hasselbeck Over Fort Hood Tweet

Piers Morgan still isn’t making any friends on this side of the pond.

Very few people were overly amused with the tweet issued by the controversial talk show host after the tragic shooting at Fort Hood last week. When people were quick to criticize the man responsible for the shooting, Morgan decided to wade into the conversation.

According to Red Alert Politics, Piers Morgan issued the tweet in question shortly after news of the shooting started making headlines. Not surprisingly, very few people were wholly impressed with what the guy had to say on the subject.

Here are the posts that started the backlash:

According to Mediaite, one individual who was particularly vocal about Piers Morgan’s tweet was Fox and Friends co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck. In her opinion, the outspoken journalist issued one of the stupidest comments the micro-blogging world has ever seen.

“That must be the dumbest tweet I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe that crossed the twitterverse,” Hasselbeck remarked. Although Morgan’s comment definitely ruffled some feathers, there are certainly quite a few ignorant and insensitive tweets about the shooting on social media these days.

Of course, Piers Morgan didn’t stop there. In addition to hitting back at the people who sent the guy nasty messages on Twitter, he also took issue with a firearms store called “Guns Galore.” Check out some of the controversial talk show host’s tweets on the matter below.

Morgan did seem a little concerned about some of the messages he received from folks on the micro-blogging site.

Were you offended by the tweets issued by Piers Morgan after the Fort Hood shooting? Do you agree with his stance on gun control?

[Image via The Guardian]