Buffalo Wild Wings Sees Success From Their Innovation

George Nielsen

Buffalo Wild Wings has been at the front of restaurant innovation. Executives of Buffalo Wild Wings told investors Wednesday that the chain's roughly 1,000 locations has increased to a 3,000 unit expansion. Both domestic and international restaurants are intended to open in places including Canada, Mexico, The Philippines and the Middle East.

This comes after the announcement of Buffalo Wild Wings' exciting tech improvements. Soon you can expect to see tableside tablets, pay at your table, and improved server technology in the Buffalo Wild Wings nearest you! The technology is intended to keep diners entertained as they wait as well as increase smooth communication and service. All of this so that diners and sports fans can thoroughly enjoy the game and company.

Buffalo Wild Wings has seen staggering success, with sales about 50 percent higher than expected. "We're thrilled" CEO Sally Smith told the Star Tribune. It was just this year that Buffalo Wild Wings opened its 1,000th restaurant. Wild Wings announced that it believes there's room for at least 900 more in the United States and Canada.

A complication came up with the Buffalo Wild Wings intended to be built in the Middle East. "They'll have a bar, but it won't serve alcohol," Smith said. Instead, fruit juices, lemonades and other beverages will replace the alcohol at the Wild Wings. The new Buffalo Wild Wings could get around the anti-liquor rules in some Muslim countries if it chose to build in hotels, "But that wasn't our strategy," Smith said about the Buffalo Wild Wings' plans. "It is to truly serve guests who live there and are not just visiting."

The local touch is what's made Buffalo Wild Wings as successful as it is. Through Wild Wing magic the restaurant chain has found it's way into lifestyle of millions as the 'hangout spot'. Instead of getting cozy with it's success Buffalo Wild Wings intends to keep expanding. As if to underscore the statement, next month a new Buffalo Wild Wings addition will be erected in New York's Times Square. It promises to be twice the size of a standard Wild Wings.

Buffalo Wild Wings is setting the pace for restaurant chains, finding a niche and raking in money while other chains have died out. If we can judge anything by the Wild Wings' business boom, it's that consumers are being drawn to the unique. It's a good era for sports bar lovers.