WWE News: CM Punk Vs Stone Cold Steve Austin Planned For WrestleMania 31?

WWE Superstar CM Punk has been quite the news story over the last few months. Major speculation has been made regarding him and his WWE career. Many claim he is done, while others say he’ll be back soon enough. Regardless of who, the stories have been hot and everyone has an opinion.

CM Punk actually has made a big life decision, if nothing else since his WWE departure. He asked his girlfriend and current WWE Diva AJ Lee to marry him, and she said YES! YES! YES!

Now that CM Punk is getting married to a current WWE Diva, one would think that he would want to be around her. It seems that this formula in thought is not without merit. Yeah, I can format a sentence.

CM Punk was recently found in New Orleans by a twitter fan who posted a picture of him. We bring that to you below via The 434:

CM Punk in NOLA

While some speculate that the picture might be old, one can tell by the hair and beard that Punk is sporting that it was taken in the last couple of months as he had the same hair style AND near the same length in a recent January interview as well as his Talking Dead appearance on AMC. There is also talk that, since the picture above came out, WWE is making sure people believe Punk is not in New Orleans. He very well could not be, but WWE is adamant about informing people he is not to a point that it feels like a cover up.

The picture seems to be not only new, but very recent and it was taken in New Orleans according to the fan who is based there. It has led some to assume that CM Punk will be back at WrestleMania 30. This might be a bit overboard. While Punk is in town, keep in mind that his fiancee AJ Lee is also in town for WrestleMania where she is defending her Diva’s Championship. It could be however, that he was going to come all along.

Punk enjoys going to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony each year. So naturally, Punk is in town for two legitimate reasons in their own right.

Could CM Punk be coming back for WrestleMania? Yes. It is highly possible. However, if he was just there to see the Hall of Fame in person and to support AJ, that is a good enough reason to show up. However, he obviously knows the rumors and knows that WWE officials will want to talk with him about a return.

It seems that an idea was pitched for him as well as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin that would set up by Austin stunning CM Punk. This would start something between the two that everyone has wanted for some time and a match would take place at Wrestlemania 31. To add fuel to this rumor, Steve Austin has personally been telling people that he thinks Punk will come back at Wrestlemania 30.

Isn’t that interesting? I mean, why would Austin be so certain about something when he clearly knows Punk is done…or is he? I mean if you think about it, Austin saying all of this, the potential of Punk being in New Orleans…it all makes sense.

I would not be surprised to see CM Punk at Mania and involved in something on the show that also involved Austin. It would be a shock to the fans, as we all know WWE fans want to see him back. This is obvious. Punk mentioned before he even left that he wanted to take a break. Most thought this was for when he left after his contract was up this summer. However, it could have always been the plan for him to do this the exact way it played out. CM Punk has been known to be an evil genius at times as has Vince McMahon.