Teenagers Abuse, Humiliate Elderly Woman On The Street; Act Of Abuse Caught On Video

A gang of teens from Romania, who recorded themselves on video abusing and humiliating an elderly woman on the street, sparked outrage among concerned netizens, Metro reports.

In the 36-second video, a group of teens could be seen repeatedly spinning a frail, old woman around in circles while she screamed for help. At the beginning of the footage, a young teen could be seen picking up the old woman and thrusting her for a spin, abruptly dropping the woman on the street after a couple of rotations as he joined his buddies in maniacal laughter. Fear and distraught could easily be seen on the old woman’s face as she fearfully cried for her life.

Continuously screaming in fear, the elderly woman rushed away from the abusive gang of teens, desperate to avoid another set of spinning. Unfortunately, immediately after sharing howls with the troop, the same teenager follows the poor woman and spins her around one more time, ignoring the incessant cries of the elderly woman.

The video of the abuse can be viewed below. WARNING: The following footage can be distressing.

Local police are currently finding the teens on the video and promises to file charges as soon as they are found.

People took to social media their anger over the abuse and humiliation the elderly woman received from the teen gang.

Facebook user Saeeda Ahmed said:

“I think the way elders are treated by some is just as appalling. As it’s in the home, people don’t know it. This is disgusting and spineless.”

Another user, Chris Cox, believes karma will get the teenagers back:

“I hope when they are old that some youths or rouge health care worker abuses them.
And I hope they all die of heart attacks from it. They won’t be laughing then”.

Cases of elderly abuse have been alarmingly increasing in the past months. Only last year, in a report by the Inquisitr, a partially-blind, 87-year-old woman was caught in a similar situation after she became the center of abuse and humiliation at the hands of the employees of a pension office. The woman was forced by the handling officer to sing “Happy Birthday”, with the threat of her pension card being withheld from her. His son has since lodged a complaint with the Social Development Minister.

What should be the punishment for the teen gang who abused and humiliated the elderly woman?

[Image is screen capture of the video]