Burger King Motel: A Place Where People Can Discreetly Cheat On Beef With Chicken

Burger King certainly knows how to cook up a unique promo campaign.

The fast food chain recently unveiled a brand new chicken burger for folks living in New Zealand. Much to everyone’s surprise, the menu item came with its own pop-up motel. That’s right — Burger King gave its customers a discreet location to cheat on the traditional cheeseburger with a satisfying alternative.

Although this might sound like some sort of elaborate hoax perpetrated by a company on April Fools’ Day — and a lot of the original stories arrived on the annual day of pranks — apparently it’s the real deal. According to Ad Week, Burger King teamed up with New Zealand ad agency Colenso BBDO to launch the unusual campaign.

The so-called Burger King Motel showed up in Auckland towards the tail end of March. After gutting the rooms and replacing them with booths, the company encouraged folks to make reservations to try the brand new chicken burgers. The motel offered up such amenities as BK bathrobes and toiletries to give folks the full experience.

Naturally, a lot of people shared photos from their trip to the Burger King Motel on Twitter. Take a look at some photos posted by BK’s more adventurous patrons.

PSFK points out that this isn’t the first Burger King Motel to pop up somewhere in the world. Similar campaigns were previously launched in the United States and United Kingdom not too long ago. Although it’s not a wholly original concept by BK, it’s still incredibly clever and eye-catching. This writer would certainly stop by to try a chicken burger.

How did people secure rooms at the Burger King Motel? According to Creativity, interested parties attempted to reserve a spot at the location through Facebook. If they were lucky enough to receive an invitation, the individual could bring along three friends to enjoy the experience. However, you had to check in using Facebook and share your experience with the TenderCrisp Chicken Burger using the #MotelBK hashtag.

What do you think about Burger King opening a motel to promote its new chicken burger in New Zealand? Would you reserve a spot to try the fast food chain’s latest offering?